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Guide to Authors

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 August 2012 15:35

The International Engineering Journal (IENGJ) accepts publishing technical and scientific articles related to the journal's focus and scope in twelve fields of engineeringBiological Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geological Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering and Physics Engineering. It is a quarterly journal published on March, June, September and December each year.

The first step is to properly provide the information required in your profile during registration. The following information about authors and their affiliation should be provided: first names, surnames and family names, affiliation, postal addresses below the names including the country name, and, if available, the e-mail address of each author. Use numbers as superscripts immediately after authors’ names and in front of the appropriate addresses to indicate all affiliations.

The contributions must be written in English, and they must be original (not published in another journal or any other media). Along the reviewing process, it is forbidden that the contribution follows a parallel reviewing process in another journal. The articles may be sent in Word 97-2004 (doc), Word 2007 (docx) or Latex formats. The journal's editorial team will acknowledge the receipt of originals.

Submitted articles must conform the following norms:

  • Title (and optionally, subtitle): The title must adequately describe the contribution's content.
  • Length: Papers should be as concise as possible with regular papers not exceeding 25 A4 pages and short communications not exceeding 10 pages, including tables and figures.
  • Authors: The following information about authors and their affiliation should be provided:
    - first names, surnames (in lower case except for the first letters) and family names (in capital letters)
    - affiliation, postal addresses below the names including the country name, and, if available, the e-mail address of each author.
    Note: Authors must be registered in the IENGJ Society and their profile must contain above information.
  • Abstract: The contribution must include an abstract of no more than 300 words in length, a set of keywords that adequately describe the contribution's contents, and the specialization areas that best fit the contents of the paper.
  • Contribution's structure: The structure of the paper should be the usually accepted in social sciences. Being an empirical research, the paper should include introduction, literature review, sample and methods, discussion and conclusion sections. The references must be listed after the conclusions, and before the appendices, if any.
  • Notes: Footnotes or endnotes will not be accepted.
  • Citations: Whenever the authors make reference to another author's ideas or results, they must indicate its origin using the adequate citation. The citations must be written in text using APA 5th edition style.
  • Thanks: Before the references section, authors can thank to people or institutions that have helped or financed the research presented in the article.
  • Tables and figures: Tables and figures must be correlatively numbered, following their order of appearance in the text. They must include captions that adequately describe the table's or figure's contents, and they should include the source of information used to build the table or figure. You are encouraged to use colors in your figures.
  • Bibliographical references: At the end of the main contents of the document (prior to appendices); authors should include the bibliographical references cited along the text. The references must be written in text using APA style.
  • Appendices: If needed, authors can add appendices to the document, which include complementary material useful to other researchers (e.g., questionnaires used in surveys or econometric models). Appendices will be placed after the bibliographical references section, and they must be labeled using capital letters (Appendix A, B, C, etc.), and should have a title descriptive of its contents.

As soon as the paper fits the guidelines for authors, the editing process will start, following the policies of the IENGJ. The process ends when the article is accepted or rejected.  The IENGJ takes no compromise about dates of publication, and disclaims any responsibility about the contents of the contributions sent to the journal but articles might be published in the nearest issue if capacity allows. The IENGJ reserves the right to suggest modifications to the article's content.



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